The Martinliners The Martin Twins, 202 to 404

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Title The Martinliners The Martin Twins, 202 to 404
ISBN 9780965399326
Author Killion, Gary L.
Subject Aviation
Binding Hardcover
Publisher Airways International
Publisher Year 1997
Condition Fine in Fine dust jacket
Description 0.75 x 11.27 x 8.8 Inches; Years of meticulous research have produced the book on the Martin series of twin-engine transports, which are now enjoying renewed interest by several air show operators of these classic propliners. Lavishly illustrated, this volume examines the often maligned 202, the stillborn 303, and the more successful 404 models, plus the 228, 304, and other projects.

The complete development and operational story is complemented by detailed appendices of specifications, technical details, cockpit checklists, operators, and individual airplane histories.

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