Darfur The Long Road to Disaster by Burr, J. Millard & Robert O. Collins

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Title Darfur The Long Road to Disaster
ISBN 1558764704
Author Burr, J. Millard & Robert O. Collins
Subject Africa
Binding Paperback
Publisher Markus Wiener Publishers
Publisher Year 2008
Condition Very Good
Description 0.94 x 8.9 x 5.98 Inches; Images of the genocide in Darfur have shocked the Western world: Upwards of 300,000 of its inhabitants have died, and another 2.5 million have become refugees. Those affected by the violence are estimated at almost 4 million, 700,000 of whom are now beyond the reach of humanitarian assistance. These are staggering numbers, and the fractious insurgent groups involved - Islamist Arab tribal militias against Christian black Africans and other militias made up of deserters of the Chad Army - were and still are supported to kill, rob, and terrorize by the governments of the neighboring states of the Sudan, Chad, and Libya.In "Darfur; The Long Road to Disaster", Burr and Collins have updated their original 1999 volume with additional chapters. The new title is not a publisher's gimmick: this is indeed the prehistory of Darfur's tragedy, and it is essential, if difficult, reading for any serious student of the crisis.

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