Sou'wester sails,

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Title Sou'wester sails,
Author Baldwin, Arthur H
Subject Literature
Binding Hardcover
Publisher Junior Literary Guild
Publisher Year 1936
Condition Very Good in Very Good dust jacket
Description Blue cloth boards tight and straight, inner pages clean and unmarked. Dust jacket large tears to spine top and bottom but front and rear covers intact, with only mild chipping. Damage now contained within mylar cover. Illustrated endpapers, "accomodation plan" illustration last page. ; 262 pages; An hour had passed and Corry was stretching his legs out on his bunk thinking over the almost ridiculous episode of Restive and the dink. It was a pity, he thought regretfully, that Alex and Paul were not aboard their ship. How they would have laughed! He could see them even now in his imagination. Alex would have barked out a full-throated roar, and Paul perhaps would be quieter but just as ready with his grin when they were told of the reason for thedink's return. "Maybe," thought Corry with a slight pang of envy, "Jim and Durk might meet them up in the Post Office." Those two members of the crew had pulled themselves ashore about an hour ago to see if, by any chance, there happened to be any mail for Sou'wester from Sandy Cove. Then a muffled bump on Sou'wester's planking close to his ear told Corry that the shore party had returned. He twitched open his eyes. Jim's legs were already swinging through the companionway and a second later his feet plumped onto the cabin floorboards. Jim looked excited . . . And unhappy. His face was flushed. Corry was startled. "What's the matter with you?" he demanded more sharply than he realized. But Jim slowly eased himself onto his bunk as if he were tired and took no notice of Corry's tone. "Trouble," he mumbled through pinched lips, "that's all." And then Corry saw that Jim's hands were clenched tight on the edge of his blanket. "Oh, not with me," Jim added hurriedly, when, in raising his head, he saw Corry's quick stare, "or Dad either for that matter. The trouble's with Restive. We got more news about her ashore...

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